Ticket to Invest in Games 2019

Ticket to Invest in Games 2019


Invest in Games 2019 is presented by Nordisk Film Games

Ticket to Invest in Games includes lunch, full conference program, mingle & cocktail.

Time: 12:00 Thursday 12th Sep
Place: Nasdaq Stockholm, Tullvaktsvägen 15, 105 78 Stockholm


  • Lunch + Mingle

  • Intro + Welcome

  • Opening: Jonas Naddebo, Vice Mayor for Culture and Urban Environment

  • Keynote: Alysia Judge - Games in the 2020s: The Industry on The Cusp of A New Generation

  • Game Developer Index 2019 – Johanna Nylander, presenter & author

  • Fika

  • Keynote #2: Chris James - The Next Big Thing? Emerging Trends and Opportunities in the Games industry

  • Panel – Umbrella or Sunscreen? Assessing and mitigating risk in games investments.

  • Fika

  • Dragons’ Den - Pitching: Killmonday Games, Bad Yolk, Ichigoichie, Multiscription and Itatake. Dragons: Alysia Judge, Chris James, KM Troedsson.

  • Cocktails & Mingle

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